Innovative solutions to the challenges ahead

Throughout the twentieth century, the chemicals industry enjoyed substantial economic growth and soared on the back of exceptional talent, readily available raw materials and a market thirst for new products.

But substantial challenges loom: the employee population is aging, with senior executive talent retiring and there are concerns as to where the replacements will come from. Many analysts are predicting a talent crisis in the chemical industry and the likelihood that talent will come from outside of the industry for the first time. The chemical industry is known for its conservatism, but current issues relating to the need for talent demand innovative solutions.

Hay Group has a broad range of consulting skills and experience to deal with selection, development, compensation and organisational matters. With years of experience working with companies such as DuPont, Dow Chemical and Bayer, we know how to help companies in the chemical industry achieve success through culture, organisation, people and reward solutions. That insight gives us the ability to support you develop your future leaders.

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