Life sciences


Since the first biologic drug was introduced more than 25 years ago, new ways of developing pharmaceutical products have transformed an industry that was once based on conventional medicinal chemistry. Yet not all companies have kept pace. Many have maintained large, cumbersome decision-making processes that crush innovation. Others have struggled to accelerate innovation to the pipeline.

Creating an environment that fosters innovation and attracts top talent is critical for long-term success in this sector. Hay Group has significant experience working with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in all stages of development – from pre-commercial and pre-IPO through to fully integrated firms – to building new organisational structures in response to the changing landscape.

Hay Group solutions help stimulate innovation while delivering the business focus needed to ensure return on investment. We have supported the world’s leading life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, including Astra Zeneca, Novartis and Johnson and Johnson, to:

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