Under pressure like never before

Despite a 2008 Financial Times prediction that the industry is ‘unlikely to be mauled by the recession’ the communications sector has not been immune to it. Many of the newer players have not had to deal with margin and cost pressure in this way before. Some are surviving, others are struggling.

In our work with organizations such as Telekom Malaysia, China Mobile, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica, we are helping our clients to improve despite a tough environment. Recent assignments include:

  • improving collaboration with ecosystem partners — working with others is critical, especially when it comes to sharing infrastructure to save money
  • supporting a shift in mindset from growth and creativity to process and efficiency
  • re-aligning businesses — many firms are using the recession as a reason to make long-required changes in their operations.

These are important operational issues, cutting to the heart of what a communications business is ‘for’. We are helping our clients address these questions, and understand how to deliver more for less, understand who in the organisation can deliver this, create clarity of strategy, and support leaders to get the most from their teams.

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