Capability assessment

How good are your people?

How good are your people – and how do they compare with people at the best companies? Answering this crucial question will help you to identify strengths, spot weaknesses and deploy people to your best advantage.

The best place to start is with an in-depth understanding of your people. Because if you know what makes them ‘tick’ then you are better equipped to help them develop.

Hay Group is ideally placed to help you to gain this insight – our assessments are based on the work of David McClelland, widely acknowledged as the founding father of capability assessment.

We work with many of the Fortune 500. So uniquely, we combine an understanding of business with deep insight into people and their motives. And because we know the best qualities for specific situations like matrixed organisations and turnarounds, we can help you to pick the right people for the job.

Hay Group capability assessment draws on the largest, most robust and best-organised source of leadership benchmark data in the world, so you can make precise comparisons.

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