Executive rewards

Looking beyond the obvious

As organisations strive to attract and retain top talent in the face of increased public and shareholder scrutiny of executive pay, fair and transparent systems for executive rewards are vital.

Hay Group consultants work with compensation committees as well as senior management across the sectors, from large global players to not-for-profit, helping them to address these issues.

We go beyond matching job titles and salaries. We dig deep beneath the surface, assessing the real responsibilities and value of an executive position. Using our global database, we can then establish fair market benchmarks, based on the compensation of individuals in comparable roles.

Rather than linking executive incentives to objectives that those executives cannot control, we work closely with you to define the real measures that drive performance in your organisation and in each role. We then help you to create executive compensation programmes that focus and motivate your executives to achieve those goals – which in turn helps you to attract and retain the leaders you need.

We can advise on the design and balance of the whole executive reward package including executive benefits and perquisites, employment contracts and severance arrangements.