Employee effectiveness surveys

Hay Group’s off-the-shelf Employee Effectiveness Survey is designed to help small and medium sized organizations quickly gauge their people’s level of engagement and identify the things that might be stopping them from performing to their best. Quick, easy-to-interpret results mean you can take fast, targeted action and get measurable benefits.

Our employee survey quickly reveals levels of motivation and people's ability to "get the job done"

Are you getting the most out of your employees? A typical employee survey will tell you how motivated people are feeling. But Hay Group research reveals that this is only half the picture.

To be truly effective, employees also need to feel able to “get the job done”, which means being in the right job and with the right tools, support and authority. So as well as measuring employee engagement, our online survey checks levels of “enablement” too. This way, you can identify and remove any barriers to performance.

Our powerful online survey tool is a fast and straightforward way to get meaningful insights into employee effectiveness so you can take the right actions to improve it. And because you can choose from up to 80 benchmarks, you can clearly see how your organization is performing against competitors.

Benefits: Measurable ROI

  • Our research has consistently shown that when employee engagement meets high levels of “enablement”, performance improves.
  • Identify barriers to performance. We reveal what’s stopping people working to the best of their ability so you can take the right corrective action.
  • See how you match up to your competitors. We compare your results against a database of 4 million people in hundreds of organizations. You can interpret your results against a choice of 80 separate benchmarks including 56 country norms, 20 major industry groups and our high performing company benchmark.
  • Interpret results easily. Our reports are intuitive and easy to understand, freeing up your time to act on the findings.
  • Get results fast. Because it’s delivered online, our Employee Effectiveness Survey gives you quick results, yet still with the confidence that you are tapping into Hay Group’s respected methodology.