Hay Group Spectrum

The next generation HR solution

In this fast-moving, competitive global economy, your organization needs to put people at the heart of your drive to improve performance. And you can’t afford to have anything less than an integrated approach to HR. An approach that delivers real insights to strategic decision-making.

Introducing Hay Group Spectrum – the next generation HR solution.

 Hay Group Spectrum

Why Hay Group Spectrum?
From our long experience helping clients with job evaluation, we realized that many organizations miss out on the real value of understanding their work by only applying job evaluation to reward.

Very often companies take a fragmented approach to analyzing work, using one job evaluation methodology for reward decisions, another for talent management and sometimes even a third for structuring work. We knew there was a better way. So we’ve created Hay Group Spectrum – a unique offering that makes it possible for you to look at all these issues together, connecting your jobs, people, structure, pay and performance.

Hay Group Spectrum enables you to answer four critical questions:

  • Work measurement - do you know how, where and why work is done?
  • Work alignment - does your structure fit with your strategy?
  • Work fit - do you have the right people in the right roles?
  • Work value - what is each role really worth to your organization?

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