Work measurement

See how, where and why work is done

Hay Group Spectrum - work measurement
Does your analysis of work reflect who you really are?
Our work measurement approach always reflects the particular culture, priorities and goals of your organization. What we do isn’t academic or formulaic. With Hay Group Spectrum we help you to reach an understanding of how work is done in your company, to achieve your particular objectives. And we can do it as lightly or as rigorously as you need. This is made possible by the way we approach work measurement. We go beyond job titles and descriptions to understand work in all its dimensions – human and structural.

Got the right tools for the job?
Based on our 60+ years of experience we’ve developed a portfolio of work measurement tools. Need a rigorous and robust assessment for senior roles? Talk to us. Need a fast, simple solution for analyzing large employee populations? Check. Want to zero in on the capabilities required to do the work you have? We can help. And because all our tools are underpinned by the same holistic understanding of work, you’re never locked in to one approach. With Hay Group Spectrum you can build on the investment you’ve made, and deepen or broaden your understanding of work as and when you need.


Find out more about:

  • Work alignment - does your structure fit with your strategy?
  • Work fit - do you have the right people in the right roles?
  • Work value - what is each role really worth to your organization?

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