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Coming through loud and clear? Do your employees know why they are paid as they are? Do they understand what they need to do to progress? If not, you’ll have a cynical and disengaged workforce on your hands. Hay Group Spectrum brings clarity and objectivity to how you pay people, so your people know where they stand and why. And we can help you align pay structures to talent management, so there aren’t mixed messages.

Paying for performance?
Tying pay to performance is first on the to do list for most HR departments now. But without a clear vision of what people do and how it contributes to achieving the organization’s goals, it’s an impossible task.  Hay Group Spectrum enables you to understand what performance looks like in different roles, so you can set objectives that align with your strategy, and you can spot when things are going wrong.

Getting your money’s worth?
When you’re benchmarking reward, you need to know that you’re comparing like-for-like. Whether you value work based on market price, standard job grades or something really out of the ordinary, Hay Group Spectrum can help. And regardless of the approach, you’ll know that you’re paying what your roles are really worth.

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