Employee engagement

How can I motivate people - and turn their enthusiasm into bottom-line results?

Well-motivated people perform better. Our studies show that high levels of employee engagement can boost revenue growth by up to two and a half times. In our Best Companies for Leaders survey, top performing firms are clearly shown to cultivate engaging cultures. And the World’s Most Admired Companies are seeing their engagement efforts result in greater levels of loyalty post-recession. The right reward policies are important in driving engagement as The Changing Face of Reward shows.

However, employee engagement is only part of the story. An engaged workforce needs to be ‘enabled’ to turn its enthusiasm into action. If people feel held back by weak systems, bureaucracy or conflicting pressures, they will not be able to deliver to their full potential. Even worse, their frustration may lead them to stop trying, or move on.

Employees who are both highly engaged and enabled are 50 per cent more likely to outperform expectations. An employee survey is the most powerful business tool a CEO can use to identify and remove performance barriers. For businesses to ensure staff are empowered as well as motivated, it’s vital to have the right leadership, the right employee feedback processes, the right performance management systems and organizational structure. Hay Group can help you put these components in place.

For more information about Hay Group’s employee survey practice, ‘Insight’, download a copy of: ‘Are you missing something? Engaging and enabling employees for success’

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