Public sector and not for profit


Public sector organizations across the world are constantly responding to new policies and changing laws. Alongside that, there’s an ongoing pressure to operate more efficiently, to remove bureaucracy and become more focused on the people and communities they serve.

All of this creates a culture of constant change, which leads to a number of different pressures. 

  • Is the organization structure right for each change? 
  • Have the right roles been defined?
  • Do the people in those roles have the right skills?
  • Are frontline staff ready for yet more transformation?

Much of Hay Group’s public sector work starts at the very top. Our understanding of exactly what makes the public sector tick enables us to help executive teams address overall organizational effectiveness. Our work developing leaders, and helping them understand the impact they have on the people and culture they lead, has been proven to enhance performance.

We can then help you to:

Hay Group has become a trusted adviser to many government departments, agencies and public sector organizations around the world through our commitment and our ability to understand and speak the same language as our clients.