Talent management

Do you have enough talented people to secure your future?

The answer to this question is complicated by constant change in work and the workplace. The key is to have a clear idea of where you are going.

Hay Group starts by understanding your strategy, your business and your demands for talent. We then profile the requirements of your key positions, so you can match people and roles. The result? You are better positioned to identify, develop and retain talent – and manage succession too.

Because we work with the world’s best companies and research this field intensely, Hay Group is uniquely placed to help you. We undertake every step of the of talent management process, from decoding your strategy right through to identifying the specific actions needed to develop key staff.

We know what it takes to help people rise through the ranks and become leaders. Developing your own future top cadre pays off – as the performance of many Fortune 500 companies shows.

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Public Service Executive Competencies (PSEC)
A new 360° assessment instrument designed specifically for the Canadian federal public sector to measure an individual’s competencies and potential for an executive position.

360 degree assessments and feedback training
Training programs for Hay Group's premier assessment and feedback services designed for public sector and broader public sector leaders, executives and aspiring executives in Canada.