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How do your programs measure up?

Imagine that you had an army of reward experts working for you. Imagine having access to up-to-date and accurate reward information on any market in the world, exactly when you need it. Imagine that you had instant access to the latest developments in reward strategy. Wouldn't your life be easier?

Hay Group is the world’s leading supplier of accurate reward information and analysis. The information we provide is based on robust global methodologies, so you can be sure you will always get a consistent and comparable answer.

Although we’re proud of the invaluable tools and information we offer, our real talent is turning that information into insights that will transform your reward decision making. We have local experts in over 60 countries, who work with you where you are, in your language.

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Our reward information offerings are only one part of a suite of self service tools and protocols from Hay Group, designed to help you tackle your HR recurring processes simply and affordably.

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