Building effective organizations

Turning strategy into reality

Strategy is nothing without implementation –  whether it involves an M&A or any other form of significant strategic shift. If you are driving change or simply trying to realize more value from your plans, building effective organizations is key to translating strategy into reality.

At Hay Group, we work with leaders to solve their business issues, typically through an organizational and people approach.

A key component of building an effective organization is to ensure that your core operating principles, organizational structure, culture and job accountabilities are fully aligned to your strategy and that they deliver improvements in performance.

Hay Group works in close partnership with executive teams, to develop both the team and individual capability to implement strategy effectively and steer the organization to success. We establish clarity and gain commitment to goals and then manage their communication and implementation organization-wide.

Organizational effectiveness is one condition for success, but we also address specific business challenges, such as global expansion.

With an unrelenting focus on the bottom line, Hay Group delivers improvements that bring tangible value to your business.

How do effective organizations to manage in a downturn?
The economic downturn has caught many off-guard. But in these times of change, lessons can be learned from the past as business leaders look to the future. Just how do you build an effective organization fit to face the challenges of the global landscape?

This short booklet provides a series of stories around familiar business issues facing executives around the world today and how Hay Group helps clients build a truely effective organization. Download the booklet.

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