Turning strategies into reality

Bridge the gap between strategy, operations, structure and people - with a focus on execution

Developing an ambitious business strategy is one thing but executing it successfully is another. Hay Group helps business leaders to design and build effective organizations that deliver their strategic goals.

Hay Group works with CEOs, business owners and business unit leaders to bridge the gap between strategy, operations, structure and people, with a focus on execution.

We collaborate with our clients to build a blueprint for the organization and help bring the design to life. We help our clients to ‘decode’ their strategies, clarify their business and operating models and identify the organization design requirements – structures, governance and management systems, processes, jobs, culture and people capabilities – that will be required to make the organization work.

We have a clear understanding of what motivates people and how work is most successfully designed. Using this knowledge, we help clients build an effective organization that engages leadership and energizes employees, driving performance and delivery.

The issue
Our clients range from small, single-product companies to global conglomerates, family-owned businesses to state-owned enterprises, high-growth start-ups to mature businesses. We help clients with a wide range of business issues:

  • aligning organizations with new strategies
  • designing organizations to support expansion into new markets
  • clarifying governance and accountability within rapidly changing organizations
  • helping businesses make their matrix structure work
  • changing structure and culture to respond to privatization or deregulation
  • integrating organizations intangible assets in mergers and acquisitions.

The common denominator in all these issues is the challenge facing the business leader:

‘How do I organize my business to execute my strategy effectively?’

Clarity about strategic goals and a commitment to them is essential. Developing both the ability at an individual and team level to deliver and sustain an organization’s performance is vitally important.

Often we find that executives jump straight from strategy into putting people in boxes, placing employees in jobs that are ill defined and organization structures that are poorly constructed. Our clients need a better way to link strategy and structure and we help them by providing senior executives with a disciplined approach to building effective organizations.

Why Hay Group?
Hay Group has over 60 years of experience of working with leaders to help them tackle challenges relating to people and work.

In addition to focusing on fact-based solutions, we use our understanding of management behaviours to surface hidden issues which can affect business performance during periods of organizational change.

We have deep expertise in translating strategy into operating models and organization design requirements. We have a proven understanding of people and a breadth of experience that cuts across organizations and industries globally.

We work in partnership with our clients to address their specific needs and focus on real-world implementation. We don’t just leave behind a manual of recommendations but work with clients throughout the lifetime of a project and after, if required. By transferring knowledge and capability to our clients we help them lead and manage change more effectively. And, in contrast to other consultancies, we do not bring an army of newly trained consultants to overrun the client’s organization. Instead, we bring a small team of experienced professionals who provide advice to senior leaders to help organizations achieve their business goals.

Hay Group’s approach
We use a ‘build as you go approach’ that allows senior executives to shape the organization design, get buy-in from their leadership team and accelerate implementation. We bring to our clients the breadth of understanding to draw the linkages between strategy, finance, operations and behaviour and a suite of research-based tools and methodologies that have been used with our clients globally and are proven to deliver business results.

The Hay Group approach includes the following steps: