Global code of business conduct and ethics

Hay Group's statement of commitment to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior

I’m proud of Hay Group’s rich culture, values, and our commitment as individuals and an organization to do the right thing. I hold myself and all of our leaders, shareholders, managers, and colleagues to a high standard of business and professional conduct. That’s why I’m introducing ‘We are Hay Group,’ our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Our client value proposition – we help organizations achieve their strategic goals and highest aspirations by releasing the full power and potential of their people – expresses the value we bring to clients. And it will be fully linked with our employee value proposition, the value we bring to employees and candidates. To deliver on our promise to clients, there can be no gap between who we say we are and who we really are.

Our brand values are also core to who we are and who we aspire to be – today, tomorrow, and every day. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics reinforces our values and inform our daily actions and interactions. It’s our guide, and supports us in our decisions and obligations for the company and towards each other. Acting with integrity serves all stakeholders of the company, including our employees, shareholders, clients, vendors and communities.

Monitoring, reporting, and compliance is an obligation, and one that is directly related to our future success. Personal accountability helps us avoid undue risk and potential liability. It allows us to improve the quality of our services and our relationships with clients and colleagues. And it increases the value of our company by enhancing our reputation and brand.

The scope of our Code is global. It applies to all Hay Group employees, shareholders, associates, and independent contractors. It covers many subjects, and is intended as a resource for reference, as needed, at any time. If you are ever in question about the right thing to do, or believe that our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is being violated, please speak up. Talk with your manager, your manager’s manager, or contact

This is our shared privilege, accountability and obligation. Together, we are Hay Group.

Stephen Kaye

Chief executive officer

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