Assess your people

Understand their true potential

We know that success depends on having the right people in the right jobs at the right time. The best businesses make sure they’re clear about how their people perform and what they can offer. This way, they match the best people to suitable roles, identify talent and develop future stars.

If they're not your best asset, they should be

Can they do the job? It’s the question all employers need to answer when they hire people and build teams. It’s essential to understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses – even better if you can see how they compare with the world’s most successful companies. 

With this knowledge, you can match people to the right jobs so everyone can be their best.

Hay Group can help you understand what employees could achieve. Our capability assessments – from broad leadership and climate assessments to individual evaluations at all job levels – are internationally renowned:

  • they build on the work of Dr David McClelland, the founding father of competency assessment 
  • using the largest and most accurate leadership benchmark data on the market, they help you make informed decisions

  • more than half the Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 rely on our capability assessments.

Recruit the right people

Match the best people to your roles. Our assessments give you a rounded view of every individual and his or her potential. 

Diversify your talent

Companies and leaders have a habit of hiring in the same mold. This stems the flow of fresh thinking and new ideas. If you clearly understand the skills and traits you need, you’ll avoid this trap. You’ll hire the best person for the job, not just the best candidate on paper. 

Spot potential

Your future leaders may not yet have had the chance to shine. We help you find your future stars by looking beyond what people are doing in their current role.

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