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When a business is designed to match its ambitions, everyone performs better. If you make sure that the design of your organization reflects your strategy, your business will be in the best position to put your plans into action.

Organization design that gets results

It pays to be well organized. When strategy, not internal politics, drives the design of an organization, success follows.

Well-designed businesses work better. Hay research shows they boost morale and motivation, encouraging people to be 50 percent more productive.

But what’s the definition of good organization design?

It’s when the business is perfectly in sync with its ambitions. And in our experience, this happens when you take a good hard look at your strategy before you start thinking about the way it’s designed. 

If you’re clear on your strategy, then you’re ready to ask and answer important questions:

  • What capabilities do we need, and where?
  • What’s the most efficient reporting structure?
  • Do people’s skills and behaviors fit our operating model?
  • How can we create a culture that makes the new design work?
  • Which processes and systems do we need – and which can we get rid of?

Answering questions like this gets results. Hay Group can help you to achieve:

  • Faster, better-informed decision making
  • Lower costs from cutting management layers
  • Managers who know what to do, when and why
  • Happier and more productive employees
  • Faster reactions to change, thanks to a workforce that know their jobs and how they can add value.

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