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Help your leaders create successful teams

Leaders make the difference. The evidence shows what anyone who has worked in an organization will know: that by motivating and supporting people, the best leaders make a big impact on performance. The good news is that great leadership can be taught. It’s about making sure leaders’ behaviors match your goals.

Boost long-term results through your leaders

Remember the best boss you ever had? Chances are it was someone who made you look forward to coming to work every day and who motivated you to ‘go the extra mile’.

It will come as no surprise, then, that leaders have the single biggest influence on how their teams perform. Our research shows that the best can increase sales by up to 30 per cent.

But leaders aren’t born great, they become great. We know this, because we’ve learned how best to develop them.

Hay Group pioneered an approach to leadership development that engages the hearts as well of the minds of leaders. It’s based on insights into the skills and motivations of 300,000 executives and managers worldwide, drawn from the most comprehensive leadership database on the market.

We help leaders understand the effect they have on their teams. Then we give them the skills they need to deliver lasting, measurable benefits for your business.

When Hay Group develops leaders, we:

  1. look at your strategy and goals, and assess how your current leaders’ skills match up
  2. help leaders understand how their behaviors support your strategy, and how to change them if needed
  3. foster a leadership culture that reinforces new behaviors, and can transform an entire population of leaders, boosting performance over the long term.

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