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Know how, why and where work is done

When you have the right job designs and structure, you’ll have the right people in the right places being paid the right amount. This helps motivate your people to work better and benefit their careers and your business. Job evaluation can create order out of chaos and lay down the foundations for further improvements.

Analyze and evaluate your jobs to create order out of chaos

Our Hay Group job evaluation process, the Hay Guide Chart–Profile MethodSM, assesses your jobs and your organization so you can place and use your people effectively. We help you answer some critical questions:

  • What is each role really worth to your organization (and in the market)?
  • Do you have a clear picture of your workforce – how many jobs at what level and in what location?
  • Does this picture make sense given what the business is trying to achieve?
  • Do you have the right people in the right roles?

Understanding your organization

We look at various factors that capture what and how a job contributes to your organization. We give each of these factors ‘Hay points’ and the total number of Hay points equals each job’s value or ‘size’. 

We measure overall job size – We use Hay points to rank jobs and measure how they compare to each other. This makes it easier for your HR team to work out bonuses, benefits etc.

We measure job shape – We take a 3-dimensional view when measuring work. By looking at the relative proportions of the factors making up the total Hay points, we can understand the shape or character of the role and what kind of skills and competencies a person will need to excel.

We use our global reward databases – Once we know job sizes, we use our databases to access and analyze market data. Our research covers more than seven million employees from nearly 13,000 organizations in 60 countries worldwide, making our databases the most valid and reliable assessment tools in the world. For example, an accounts manager role with 406 Hay points in São Paulo is an identifiable ‘commodity’ that can be priced in the market quite specifically.

Applying the information

We can then use this information when we assess your wider organization and people issues. For example:

Job design – We can test whether a job is viable by looking at the balance of various factors. For example, does the role encompass the skills its owner will need to address the kind of problems they will face?

Talent management – Your HR teams will always need capable people who are ready to step into key roles. Job evaluation helps set people up for successful career changes. By comparing a job’s evaluation with other jobs, we can establish its shape or profile to give us an idea of the skills a person will need to succeed in it. This helps you build career paths and understand the risks of moving someone from job A to job B.

Equal pay for work of equal value – Paying people unfairly is a sure-fire way to lose motivation and waste effort dealing with complaints. Knowing that you can defend what you pay within the organization is a real comfort.

Organization design – We test the design of an organization’s structure by analyzing the gap (in Hay points) between manager roles and those of the people they manage. We can also track the total Hay points in an organization unit over time to see whether it is changing in line with the priorities of the business. This is particularly important when you introduce new strategies – everyone involved needs to be clear about their role and responsibilities when you change how an organization operates.

Mergers and acquisitions – When you combine organizations, you have to make sure pay and grading is in line across different groups of employees. Job evaluation provides the common currency. It can also help if you need to create new jobs and a new organization structure.

Globalization – If your organization expands abroad, you’ll need a reliable way of tapping into local market data so you can pay competitively. You’ll also need to understand the size and shape of jobs so that you can move people around your operations effectively.

A unique process

The Hay Guide Chart–Profile Method℠ is the world’s most widely used and respected job evaluation process. Over 12,000 organizations, in all countries and industry sectors, rely on it. First created 60 years ago, it continues to evolve to meet the changes in organizations and how work is done.

It is unique for a number of reasons:

It recognizes three core factors:
  • what a job holder must bring to the role (called Know-How)
    • how they apply this to the challenges in the job (Problem Solving)
    • the impact that the job’s outputs have on the success of the organization (Accountability).
  • The make-up and description of the core factors can be tailored to the specific organization, as can the resulting grade structure, making it easy to customize.
  • It has an in-built comparison process that validates the relativity between jobs on all factors. This makes it easy to explain the results to employees.
  • It is the only methodology that looks at jobs in three dimensions to give them a fully fleshed-out profile. All other methods are one-dimensional – they measure only bigger or smaller.

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