Career mapping for company success

Happy employees, successful company

We all perform best when we’re in a job that fits our skills – and when we can see a clear, achievable career path. But how do you get the right people in the right roles at the right time? Answer that and your organization can look forward to steady growth.

Informed career mapping is the secret of business success

At Hay Group we have the experience and tools to help you match your people with the opportunities that enable them to flourish.

We look at career mapping from two angles. The first is to identify those critical roles your company must get right in order to grow, and then manage people’s careers so they can reach them (we sometimes call this ‘mission critical career pathing’). The second involves building the careers of everybody in the company (sometimes ‘broad based career management’).

Tools to track talent

With both approaches, we have tools that make career mapping easier for you. For example, we’ve created ‘job family models’ (JFMs) – groups of jobs that share core characteristics or profiles. These role profiles explain what a job involves at different levels and in different parts of the company, helping you and your employees plot career paths effectively.

Filling the future leader pipeline

A recent study says it costs about US$7,000 to develop a high-potential employee . But are you getting a return on this investment? The best companies understand that if you know which of your roles are indispensable, and what steps are needed for your people to reach them, you can target your development budget to much better effect.

We can help you create future leaders who’ll be ready with the right skills at the right time. Using our approach to career paths you can:

  • identify the roles that are critical for your strategy 
  • target development resources where they have most impact
  • move people smoothly from ‘feeder’ to those critical roles 
  • create development programs to support those with a specific role in mind
  • build a ready supply of talented people for your most important roles.

Career mapping for the whole company

It’s not just leaders who crave development. We can identify realistic and effective career maps for all your people, so you can offer them inspiring prospects while meeting your business priorities. Effective ways to help your people reach their professional goals include:

  • announcing all the roles employees and others can apply for 
  • encouraging people to move around within the company, learning both technical and people skills
  • publicizing your company’s commitment to talent management, for example by posting information on internal or external websites. 
It’s essential to give all your employees the chance to do the best they can. That means showing them clear, motivating career paths. Our experience and world-class diagnostic tools help make sure you can help them – so they can help your business.

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