Getting the most out of the middle

Middle and frontline managers matter. They look after 80 percent of your workforce. They’re often closest to your customers. And they’re the ones who get things done: translating corporate strategy into actionable tasks, engaging your people and making change stick.

But the past decade has seen dramatic changes to the way organizations work. They’ve had to become more responsive to keep up with an increasingly sophisticated customer base, and had to adapt to operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. All of which has made the role of a middle or frontline manager more challenging than ever.

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  • What's changed and why
  • What 'modern' middle managers need to succeed
  • Five ways to get the most out of your middle managers
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How can you begin to address the needs of all generations in the workforce? Download our infographic to find out more

Managing a multi-generational workforce

Getting the most out of the middle

Why your middle and frontline managers are more important than ever - and how to make sure they succeed.

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