Coaching for Performance

Help your managers, and the people they lead, be the best they can be and deliver great results for your organization.


Middle managers are at the heart of every organization, responsible for managing the performance and development of 80 percent of the workforce.

So imagine if your business had a whole cadre of middle managers who were able to motivate and encourage everyone in their teams and take performance to the next level.

Research has shown that coaching is a prime driver for creating an environment where people have the clarity, engagement and energy to deliver great results.

Coaching for Performance is intended to help managers and the people they lead, be the best that they can be, in order to deliver great results for the organization. It has been designed to maximize and develop your managers coaching skills by providing them with a thorough understanding of the principles of good coaching and what it looks like in practice.

Having explored key concepts and frameworks and undertaken a series of engaging pre-work activities, this one day program provides managers with the opportunity to practice applying an adaptable and flexible approach to each coaching situation. They will get the chance to try out their new skills in a safe environment and come away with not only a process for having successful conversations with those they lead, but also a deeper understanding of the impact of words, emotions and body language in a coaching situation.

How it works

Our program is built on best practice and our own experience of working with thousands of leaders across all industries. As part of the program, participants will journey through three phases and take part in experiential activities designed to help the leaning stick.

  1. Learning – Your managers will begin by completing pre-work to become familiar with the key concepts of coaching through engaging videos and reflection activities. Materials are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device through our O2L™ learning management system. This phase increases managers’ self-awareness and helps them to understand the application of coaching within their day to day leadership. It also sets participants up with some background knowledge and ensures they are able to put their learning into practice at the workshop itself.
  2. Developing – Participants then build on the core knowledge gained in the pre-work at a one day workshop where they receive practical tools, techniques and feedback to help them develop confidence and validate what they have been doing. The workshop is not theory heavy, but instead is designed to allow them to put their skills and learning into practice and deepen and broaden their understanding of the positive impact that coaching can have on their teams. Key learnings are brought to life in a memorable way, and individuals are provided with the opportunity to review their existing coaching skills, seek feedback on their skills gaps and develop a personal development plan to facilitate effective coaching in the workplace
  3. Activating – By the end of the program, participants will have started on the journey to becoming better at engaging their team in a way that brings out the best in each individual and helps them deliver exceptional results. Improvement plans developed by each individual will help to make the change sustainable and ensure their coaching skills continue to improve once they return to the workplace.

You can also add extra services onto the program

Leadership Styles and Climate assessment – Our Leadership Styles and Climate diagnostics are unique, industry leading and globally benchmarked online feedback surveys that measure how leaders behave and the climate they create for their teams. These surveys can be used as part of a longitudinal study to measure the change in your managers and improvements in overall performance, recognizing the positive impact of the coaching style on team climate.


By developing your managers in this way, your organization will have:

  • Managers who are capable of proactively addressing performance and continually raising standards.
  • A culture of coaching cascaded throughout your organization by your middle managers.
  • A more engaged and better performing workforce with clarity of their roles and a shared sense of purpose and commitment to the business.
  • A stronger leadership pipeline - start the development process early on in your managers’ careers, so you can develop your future stars to step into senior leadership roles.
  • More opportunity to retain your top talent.

The return on your investment

Organizations that effectively prepare their managers to coach are 130 percent more likely to realize stronger business results and 38 percent stronger employee results through engagement, productivity and customer service.

(Bersin & Associates, High-impact performance management: maximizing performance coaching, 2011)

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