Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success

Develop the behaviors that differentiate your outstanding performers from your average employees.


EI is twice as important as IQ in predicting remarkable employee performance – it’s what differentiates the very best in the top 20 percent of leaders. And to succeed in today’s increasingly complex business environment, organizations require emotionally intelligent managers to bring a competitive advantage to the business.

How would you like your leaders to be able to deliver better business results by having a better understanding of the impact they have on others?

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success is designed to help you assess and develop the behaviors that differentiate your outstanding performers from average employees.

This engaging and intensive one-day program helps your managers understand the choices they have in terms of their own behavior, and the impact of those choices on themselves, their team, those around them, and ultimately the results they deliver. They will identify and build upon their strengths, helping them to broaden their range of leadership and influencing styles and improve their impact on their team and other key stakeholders.

How it works

The program is built around four key areas: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

The design incorporates multiple learning approaches including self-directed, peer coaching, reflection, simulations and experiential activities. Fundamentally it’s intended to be practical and related to the realities of being a people or matrix manager. Working alongside our experts, managers can bridge the gap between the theory and concepts they learn and their practical application in everyday life.

Some of the key features include:

  • Self-directed learning: engaging pre-work (videos and exercises) provide managers with the time and space to absorb the theories and concepts.
  • Self-survey: managers will complete a survey to assess their own emotional intelligence and get a report.
  • Social learning: empowers individuals and groups to work together to share experiences, feedback and insights. This also gets them into peer coaching groups which they can take advantage of after the program.
  • Experiential exercises: bring managers’ emotions to the surface. As we raise feelings of anxiety and excitement, participants will not only get an understanding of what their triggers are, but will also be provided with the techniques to effectively manage them.
  • Neuroscience meets management: provides insights into how the workings of the brain impact how we behave and engage with others, allowing participants to make the connection with how this plays out in the workplace.
  • Action planning: gives managers the chance to pull their learnings and insights together into a focused action plan based on increased self-awareness and new tools and techniques.

You can also add extra services onto the program

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence Competency Inventory (ESCI) – With the addition of our online 360° assessment tool, managers not only complete an assessment of their own emotional intelligence, they also receive feedback from their peers. This provides a more rounded view of how an individual is impacting those they work with.
  • Leadership Styles and Climate assessment – Our Leadership Styles and Climate diagnostics are unique, industry leading and globally benchmarked online feedback surveys that measure how leaders behave and the climate they create for their teams – two things that are hugely impacted by emotional intelligence. We suggest using these surveys as part of a longitudinal study to measure the change in your managers over time.


  • More self-aware managersto allow greater personal impact. With improved ability to understand others, influence, lead teams and build relationships.
  • Stronger talent pipelinea great way to set people up to have the emotional intelligence skill set essential to be successful at more senior leaders.
  • Better performing workforce helping to create a more positive team environment with members who are motivated, engaged and enabled to do great work.
  • Benefits beyond the workplacedeveloping emotional intelligence allows people to be more comfortable in their own skin, and also supports better engagement and relationships outside of the job!

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