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More engagement means better results

If your people enjoy going to work every day, that’s great. Yet even the most highly motivated employees will lose faith if they have trouble getting the job done. This is why when Hay Group looks at employee engagement, we make sure your people are “enabled” too.

How to create motivation that builds the bottom line

When people feel motivated, they perform better. In fact, our research shows that high levels of employee engagement can boost revenue growth by up to two and a half times*. Motivation means money: the World’s Most Admired Companies and Best Companies for Leadership are experts at it.

Employee engagement, however, is only half the story. It’s no good feeling great about your job if you can't get things done. That’s why it’s important for employees to be “enabled” too. Because if enthusiastic people are held back by bureaucracy, systems or conflicting demands, not only will they underperform — they may stop trying, or even leave.

* Statistics from Hay Group’s global normative database and client business metrics

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People who are both motivated and equipped to get the job done create an even bigger performance dividend. These employees are 50 per cent more likely to outperform expectations and 54 per cent less likely to cost you money by walking out the door.

Hay Group can help you measure employee engagement and find out how “enabled” your people are, and then make the changes needed. It’s a very cost-effective way to improve performance.

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