Managing in matrix organizations

Having influence in all directions

Blurred or "dotted" reporting lines? Check. International operations? Check. Plenty of diversity? Check. Does it all work smoothly? Hmmm. Matrix organizations are becoming the norm but they're hard to get right. With Hay Group, you can develop the skills needed to make the most of the matrix.

Build the skills for success in today's dominant business structure

More and more businesses use a matrix structure today. It’s the best way to operate when your business spans different countries, products and customers.

But it’s hard to make the matrix succeed. Because lines of authority are blurred or shared, traditional “command and control” management doesn’t work. To make things happen, leaders need more subtle skills and the ability to influence rather than impose. 

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"As the matrix becomes more common, organizations success will hinge on their leaders’ ability to leverage collaborative approaches."

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  • Managing in matrix organizations
Hay Group research suggests that empathy, self-awareness and influence are strongly associated with success in matrix organizations. Yet our findings also show these skills to be in short supply, at least among male leaders.

As well as helping our clients to design matrix organizations , we can plug this skills gap and equip people to make the matrix work. Bringing together our insights into behavior and motivation, team dynamics and organization structures, Hay Group programs help leaders to: 

  • Deliver through others.
  • Head up “virtual” and diverse teams.
  • Manage up and across, as well as down.
  • Allow more autonomy.

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