Strategic workforce planning

The right workforce, today and tomorrow, at the right cost

Strategic workforce planning helps you build a better workforce. One that’ll help you deliver your strategy in the short and long term. And one that’ll mean better value for your money. We’ll help you get a workforce fit for now and determine what you’ll need in the future.

Workforce planning to help you make the most of now and the future

Your people are your biggest investment and they make the biggest difference when it comes to achieving your goals. Hay Group’s methods are based on 70 years of knowledge, data and experience of every aspect of people, jobs and organization. We’ve combined those methods with the best technology to bring you strategic workforce planning done right.

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We’ll work with you to create a workforce that’s based around the “5 RightS”.

  • Right Size – getting the right amount of staff to reach your strategic goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Right Skills – identifying gaps in your people’s skills, so you can plan your workforce the right way.
  • Right Shape – getting your structure right doesn’t just mean that everything will run smoothly. It’ll also help enable and motivate your people.
  • Right Site –  as you continue to grow, it’s important to make sure you have the right people in the right places.
  • Right Spend – invest the right amounts and spend less on the wrong things.

When you work with us, we’ll help you make cost-saving decisions based around having the right people doing the right things. You won’t just save money by concentrating on the right people – you will also be investing your money in a smarter way. We’ll help you build your strategic capabilities, spend less money, and make decisions backed by hard data.

Use the latest technology to see the future

You’ll also get access to Dynaplan, one of the most powerful forecasting tools there is when it comes to future planning. You can use a huge amount of variables and hypotheticals over different time periods, to give you the most accurate possible view of what the future of your workforce will be. That data and insight will be wrapped in bespoke interactive reports that are intuitive to understand.

We won’t stop there, either. We’ll work closely with you while you make the right changes, and we’ll be around to make sure it rolls out and happens in the right way. We’ll pass on our learning as well, so you can maintain and support your plan in a way that works for you. We’ll also help you build your own strategic workforce planning capability.

The result is an efficient and effective workforce that’s closely tied to your business strategy and improves your performance. It’s a clear framework for your strategic workforce planning that will help you get the best out of recruitment, selection and talent development.

It’ll make sure you’ve got the right workforce now, and the right workforce for your future.

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Learn more about workforce scenario planning by joining Korn Ferry Hay Group and Dynaplan at Dynaplan's 6th annual convention in Berlin in November.

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