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Easy to say, hard to do. That’s the biggest issue with implementing strategy. What if there was a way to help people turn your vision into reality? Hay Group’s Activate apps make it easy for managers and employees to make change happen.

How to activate your organization

Tools, not words. That’s what people need if they are going to make your strategy happen. After the launch of any new initiative, there’s always a risk that everyone will return to their desks and wonder how they can turn this exciting new vision into reality. But equipped with the right tools, they can get started straight away.

With Hay Group Activate, we’ve developed the tools that turn words into action. It’s a set of apps that are optimized for tablets and smartphones as well as PCs. Beneath their friendly and straightforward screens lies the full power of Hay Group’s insights about people and management, blended with your own data. This makes it easy for managers and employees to act and to change behavior so it’s in line with your strategy.

So when, for example, managers are tasked with bringing about a change in team climate, they have a ‘coach in the pocket’ that guides them towards the best way to improve team effectiveness. Or if your strategy includes building emotional and social skills, there’s an Activate app to help people develop these competencies over time.

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Hay Group Activate: helping your people make your strategy happen

Hay Group Activate

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