Aerospace and defense

Navigating the challenges

How do giant organizations work successfully, often in close partnerships with one another, and always while dealing with high technology and geopolitics? By staying flexible and paying close attention to how they’re organized. Hay Group helps aerospace and defense firms achieve this.

Picking the best route through a complex industry landscape

If there were an award for complexity in business, aerospace and defense would win it. Adding to the many political considerations that affect the industry is a particular need for organizations to work in partnerships and joint ventures. This, together with a change in the relationship between suppliers and clients, demands a very flexible and agile way of working.

We help some of the industry’s biggest names to navigate their challenges:

  • The move from products to services. Fundamentally changing the way the industry works, this is compelling companies to organize themselves differently and work in partnerships with others. Hay Group can help companies structure themselves the right way
  • Adapting to changing customer needs. As both government spending and client budgets come under pressure, we help aerospace and defense companies to achieve more with less.

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