The right formula for the future

Could an innovative approach to people keep the chemical industry growing? With a ‘talent crisis’ looming, companies need new ways to secure a reliable pipeline of the right people skills for the years ahead. Experienced with multinationals such as Dupont, Dow Chemical and Bayer, Hay Group can help the industry fill the gap.

Proven ways to help the chemical industry achieve success through people

Where have all the chemists gone? After a century of non-stop growth, it looks like a lack of skills may be about to slow the chemical industry down for the first time. Aging populations mean senior people are retiring, prompting analysts to predict a ‘talent crisis’ and compelling firms to look beyond the industry for new blood.

Fortunately, there are innovative ways to make sure chemical companies secure a reliable supply of talent. With years of experience working with top names in the industry such as Dupont, Dow Chemical and Bayer, Hay Group knows how to help companies in the industry achieve success through people. In particular, we help you to:

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