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What does it mean to be a communications and media business today? This is a question that has many different answers. We help organizations in this most fluid of industries to define themselves and connect effectively with their customers and markets.

Helping communications and media companies to find the way forward

Who am I? What’s it all about? Communications and media firms are frequently facing an existential crisis today. Pick any part of the industry – TV, telecoms, radio – and you’ll find long-established business models being turned upside down on a regular basis. Organizations are compelled to ask themselves the big questions: about why they are in business, what they offer to customers, and whether they have the right people to make it all happen.

When you’re facing questions as consequential as these, it’s good to have someone to discuss them with. Hay Group helps communication and media firms like the BBC, ITV and Reed Elsevier come up with the answers. We work with brands around the world to:

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