Learning how to succeed

Education is changing fast. And as colleges and schools transform into full-scale businesses, they are presented with many opportunities to work better, to the benefit of everyone. Hay Group is at the forefront of change, bringing new business models to life and developing the next generation of education leaders.

Helping the education sector transform

The classroom is big business today. As it becomes more commercialized, education is trying new ways of operating – like mixed private/public sector provision – and developing a taste for M&A. The resulting organizations can be very effective, but only if careful attention is paid to important issues like making sure different cultures can fit together well. And as everyone who’s been to school knows, leadership matters a great deal in education. It’s not easy to identify people who can keep staff, students, parents and governments happy, all while running a fully-fledged business – but it’s not an option either.

For decades, Hay Group has been at the forefront of change in education. We’ve helped our clients to develop leaders and transform their organizations. In the UK, we’ve created national programs for school and college leaders. We work with the education sector to:

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