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Banking on the right change

When your industry is transforming right before your eyes, how can you respond? This is the challenge facing financial services. With the right approach to leadership, the sector could turn this massive upheaval to its advantage.

In financial services, leadership holds the key to renewal

Because in financial services, there’s a revolution going on. In retail banking, a way of doing business that’s changed little in centuries looks set to be swept away — almost overnight. New technology has put power in the hands of the customer and opened the floodgates to upstart competitors.

Everywhere in the sector, powerful forces — from economic shocks to tougher regulation — are forcing companies to look hard for any competitive edge they can get.

Jean Marc Laouchez

To succeed in this new market place, financial leaders must first take a look in the mirror and examine how they can drive the change that’s needed.

  • Jean-Marc Laouchez , Global managing director, expertise and knowledge management -
  • Financial services

Hay Group research suggests financial firms will find it in corner offices. Because if leaders can create better climates, firms will be rewarded with better performance.

45% of financial leaders create positive climates. What if it was 100%?

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The financial sector is underperforming. But what’s behind the disparity, and what will be the key to renewal? Hay Group research indicates that leadership plays a major role.

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