A healthy approach to change

As we change, so does healthcare. Aging populations and better (if costlier) drugs and equipment are compelling the industry to work differently. We’re helping healthcare organizations around the world – from state providers to private firms – to adapt, work together and thrive.

Making healthcare better

All around the world, healthcare is changing. It’s to do with people and technology: we’re getting older and demanding more from our health services, while medicines and equipment are costing more. This presents managers with the classic dilemma: do more, with less. It’s changing the shape of the industry too, with care now provided by many different organizations, and the public and private sectors having to work closely together.

Transformation is the only way to respond to this upheaval. It means being comfortable with a ‘networked’ way of working, instead of provision from the center. And to be successful, it needs employees and leaders with the right skills and motivation.

Hay Group works with the healthcare industry around the world, from the UK’s National Health Service to private providers across Europe, North America and beyond. We help our clients with:

  • change management - a proven, people-centered way to create lasting transformation
  • leadership development - finding and nurturing the skills needed to meet the healthcare industry’s new demands

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