Putting together global success

As globalization continues apace, it puts manufacturing companies under a lot of pressure. Those in industrialized countries have to compete with developing countries that can produce more for a lot less. So how do you operate across an ever-wider geography and continue to succeed?

How manufacturers can turn the challenge of globalization into an opportunity

Firms in industrialized countries face many challenges as the manufacturing world gets bigger. Developing countries with lower costs can charge much less for products, while the goods and services we use get more expensive. On top of this, we have to keep up to speed with ever more sophisticated and complex technologies.

To stay successful in a globalized world, manufacturing companies need to find new ways of doing business. These can include launching projects in countries where it’s cheaper to operate, developing new technologies and products, and even organizing and doing the work itself in new ways.

Global design

We design our services to address exactly the kind of management challenges you may face. And, just as we help many of the world’s leading manufacturers, from Ford and Toyota to Deere & Co and Caterpillar Inc, we can help you to:

  • restructure your organization where necessary so you’re set up for global production
  • design roles that hinge on performance and encourage people to be accountable for their work
  • make sure your pay scheme rewards your employees and your business
  • put together the kind of teams that excel in manufacturing
  • develop the leaders you need for success
  • motivate your people by understanding how they approach issues and what they worry about.

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