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Oil & gas is going grey. Skilled professionals around the world are retiring, just when the industry needs them more than ever. It may be making life tough for firms but it’s the perfect moment to explore how clever approaches to pay and incentives, leadership and structures can attract talent and bring big improvements – without the need for major investment.

How oil and gas companies can secure the skills they need in a volatile market

How do you get more supply from harder-to-get resources with a dwindling supply of skilled people – all while keeping costs down? This is what keeps the oil & gas industry awake at night. The ‘big crew change’ – in which a large chunk of the world’s petro-technical professionals are reaching retirement age – means specialist expertise will become scarcer and more expensive. At the same time, the search for new reserves and unconventional sources is driving costs up.

Against this backdrop, effective leaders, high-quality people and an efficient operation can give you the best chance of success.

We’ve got to know the oil & gas industry’s challenges in some depth. Over the years Hay Group has worked with the integrated majors, regional and nationally owned companies, and the oil service sector. It’s not only helped us understand what your industry is up against – we also know what works best. We can help you to:

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