Public sector and not for profit

Big questions. Big answers.

Nothing stays still for public sector and not-for-profit organizations. Faced with a steady stream of new laws and policies, and under pressure to work better, they’re in a culture of constant change. Hay Group can help them address the questions this raises.

Helping public sector and not-for-profit organizations tackle the fundamental questions

Imagine a journey where the destination is always changing and someone keeps stealing your equipment along the way. That’s what life can be like for public sector and not-for-profit organizations. While constantly having to deal with new policies and changing laws, they are also under pressure to work more efficiently and become more people-focused. It’s a culture of constant change that raises big questions:

  • Is your organization’s structure right for the task? 
  • Have you defined the right roles?
  • Do the people in those roles have the right skills?
  • Are your people ready for yet more transformation?

We help government departments, agencies and public sector organizations around the world to answer these questions. They trust us because we’re committed and we work in ways they recognize and understand.

Start at the top

Much of our work starts with your senior teams. We understand what makes the public sector tick and can help leaders improve effectiveness. The way we develop leaders helps them understand how their behavior affects the people and culture they manage and ultimately improves their performance.

Then involve everyone

We can then help you:

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