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10 ways to lead your organization through transformation


Advice, insights and stories from the speakers at the 2013 Hay Group International Conference in Shanghai Lisää


Who will you need to succeed?


You can’t build a business without the right people. So how do you make sure that you have them, in the right number, in the right place at the right time? Lisää


Pay differentials infographic


Using average salary data from our international pay database, PayNet, we've selected countries from a range of mature and fast-growing markets to show how location, market conditions and even culture has an impact on salaries and pay increases around the world Lisää


From home to host: the growing power of host plus mobility policies


Since 2011, Hay Group has been working with global mobility specialists AIRINC to help clients move the right people to the right places around the world – and pay them the right amount. We look at some of the trends that have emerged from this pooled research and knowledge. Lisää


How to keep your people "up" when pay increases are down


With global salary increases down on last year, Hay Group's pay forecast for 2014 makes sobering reading Lisää


HR that's fit for the future at Banpu


Banpu has grown from Thai coal producer to Asian-Pacific energy group in the space of a few years. But to carry on growing, Banpu needed an HR function to rival the best... Lisää