Reward Information Services

How do your programs measure up ?

Thousands of organizations – including more than half of the world’s largest companies – rely on Hay Group’s job evaluation methodologies to help them bring together the right people, jobs and structures to execute their strategies.

The main Hay Group methodology, the Hay Guide Chart®-Profile Method of Job Evaluation provides you with a consistent and objective framework to:analyze your organizational structure and identify ways to make it more effective evaluate people and jobs to match the right individuals to the right roles define career progressions both from individual roles and across related job groups and develop targeted pay and reward programs, using Hay Group’s global compensation database. All of this ultimately leads to an increased ability to manage your human resources more effectively.Evolving evaluation

Crucially, this isn’t a one-off approach: the Hay Group job evaluation method is designed to evolve with your business. As a result, several Hay Group clients have used the method successfully to help with job design, talent development and performance management for over 25 years.