Joining the Dots

How to create a customer-focused engagement programme

Our new report features practical tips and real life examples of how organisations can connect employee engagement to the customer to improve business performance.

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Job Evaluation Training

1-2 June 2016

This two day course will give participants a basic understanding of how to evaluate jobs and roles using the Hay Group method.

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Seminar ¦ Developing Leaders of the Future Dublin 18 May

We will be discussing the future global trends impacting organisations and how they will need to develop a different kind of leader as a result. We will also be discussing current trends in leadership development, in particular the role of technology, and how to ensure a return on your development investment.


BLOG: the tao of engagement

Picture yourself in ancient China, perched on the edge of a far flung range of misty mountains.

It’s 5am and in the early morning chill, as the mist begins to rise, you move in harmony with a hundred other highly trained warrior monks. You are silently and swiftly practicing your Kung Fu ‘patterns’.

Those slow yet deadly movements that when performed at speed, make you a master of effective combat. You and your fellow warriors have made a lifetime commitment to your temple and the dojo.

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