The Best Companies for Leadership

How do the Best Companies fill their talent pipeline and develop leaders?

2009 Best Companies for Leadership now live!Since 2005, Hay Group has researched the Best Companies for Leadership. In previous years our research focused on understanding how organizations were planning on meeting the impending leadership shortage, driven by growth in emerging markets coinciding with the retirement of the baby boomer generation.

Given the economic challenges organizations are now facing, this year Hay Group and Bloomberg have partnered to understand the evolution of leadership. With organizations confronting a new diverse landscape, many are struggling to determine how to best develop their talent to meet new and changing organizational needs. For organizations to succeed, they will need to understand what key leadership elements are paramount in driving their organization toward future growth.

As we look at the world’s best-in-class, we can see how they are preparing to meet their new leadership reality. By studying these top organizations, we can identify best practices that will help others to prepare their talent ‘pipeline’ for what lies ahead.

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