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Norges Mest Respekterte 2014 -
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Hvordan Norges mest respekterte virksomheter opprettholder sin suksess Mer


Strategic Workforce Planning - The 'five rights'


Integrating workforce supply and demand analysis into the strategic planning cycle ensures organisations have the ‘five rights’ – the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right level and at the right cost.This is what we mean by strategic workforce planning (SWP) Mer


Hay Group Insight Connections


Get the latest in employee opinion trends, new Hay Group research findings, interviews with leading HR executives and much more through this quarterly newsletter. Mer


Fit for action


The challenges facing the oil and gas sector in 2013. Mer


Next generation HR


The best performing organizations recognize that long-term success requires an integrated understanding of work and of people. Yet our latest Hay Group research suggests that a failure to connect HR processes is holding many organizations back. Mer


Why does Employee Engagement matter to CEOs


Now more than ever, employee engagement must be part of any company’s key performance indicators. Mer