Оценка должностей

Hay Group Spectrum - job evaluation for a new generation

Thousands of organizations – including more than half of the world’s largest companies – rely on Hay Group’s job evaluation methodologies. Some Hay Group clients have successfully used job evaluation to help with job design, talent development and performance management for over 25 years.

However, we realized that many organizations miss out on the real value of understanding their work by only applying job evaluation to reward. Very often companies take a fragmented approach to analyzing work, using one job evaluation methodology for reward decisions, another for talent management and sometimes even a third for structuring work.

We knew there was a better way. So we’ve created Hay Group Spectrum – a unique offering that builds upon our job evaluation methodology to connect your jobs, people, structure, pay and performance.

Hay Group Spectrum enables you to answer four critical questions:

Hay Group Spectrum enables your business, organization and people to perform better. Read more about Hay Group Spectrum here.