The telecommunications sector has changed beyond recognition in just a few years. ‘Convergence’ – of fixed-line, mobile and broadband services, for example – means that operators have to work in new ways, often with alliance partners. It’s perhaps surprising that the problems they face have more to do with people than technology – leaders and staff right through the modern telecoms firm have to work differently to succeed.

Plus, there’s a rush for market share in emerging economies and a drive for differentiation in saturated western markets. Managing and motivating staff in this environment is tough – but it’s core to success.

Working with global telecoms giants like Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, Vodafone and Ericsson, Hay Group addresses the challenges of this most dynamic of markets. We help our customers to:

  • become truly customer-oriented
  • align their converged organizations so that customers have a consistent experience
  • create an agile structure that can respond rapidly to change
  • develop the leadership skills that deliver complex strategies
  • align performance with pay to get the most out of the reward budget
  • motivate and engage staff to drive performance.

Our approach also recognizes the need for thorough overview of the organization – for when one part is changed, others too often need attention as a result.