Turning strategies into reality

Strategy clarification

Many great strategies fail not because they are wrong for an organization, but because they are not executed effectively. Hay Group helps business leaders make a strategy operational – and successful.

Unfortunately, many business leaders faced with the challenge of implementing a new strategy eventually stumble into the pitfalls of strategic change. Even the smartest executives, having thoughtfully designed and detailed a new strategy for the business, eventually come face-to-face with some hard realities:

  • having a new strategy is not the same as executing that strategy
  • telling employees what the new strategy is does not guarantee they understand the strategy
  • knowing what it will take to achieve the strategy does not mean people will do things differently
  • starting to take action does not guarantee sustainable results.

The good news is that there are straightforward and effective steps that can—indeed, must—be taken to ensure that a well-thought out strategy is executed as intended and fully deployed throughout the organization.

Hay Group works with the executives team to:

  • clarify where the company wants to go and how it wants to get there
  • identify key future challenges and opportunities
  • translate the strategy into the day-to-day business agenda
  • clearly articulate the strategy to employees and other key stakeholders
  • clarify strategic priorities, so that each executive knows what they need to focus on in their own work and in their organization to implement the chosen strategy.

By clarifying the strategy, establishing accountabilities for results and defining required culture and behaviors, Hay Group helps business leaders to get people focused on the right priorities to execute the business strategy. We help provide executives with clarity of vision and translate the strategy into accountabilities that are real and actionable for every individual in the business.