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Cutting Costs but Not Engagement


2015 was a brutal year for the oil and gas sector. Falling oil prices, accompanied by collapsing confidence, was followed by drastic cut backs in capital expenditure, manpower and assets. More


GCC Banks and the Engagement Conundrum


If you ask employees, the Gulf banking sector has a bright future ahead. Feedback from employee surveys shows a belief that the sector has a strong future and that employees are proud of their jobs and their status. So why aren't they willing to go the extra mile? More


A long term view | project based incentives in oil and gas


There is a significant shift happening in the oil & gas industry - the growing volatility of oil prices means that now more than ever, organisations need to balance the importance of investing in large scale projects whilst also ensuring the effective management of existing projects. More


Delivering value to the Middle East's oil and gas sector


At Hay Group we help organisations in the oil and gas sector become more efficient and perform better. Find out more about how we do this in this handy booklet. More


The shape of things to come - a case study


After 10 years of exponential growth, the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) wanted to become world-class, as well as have a positive impact on society. We helped this ambitious organisation get fit for an exciting future. More


2015 Oil and gas outlook paper


From its recent peak of $115 a barrel, the Brent crude oil price had collapsed to a level just below the $50 mark by late January. In such a volatile environment - what are the key people issues on the agenda for oil and gas executives and how should they respond? More