Building an economic powerhouse

The Manchester formula

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Our new report gives insight into the future of leadership that will be essential when working collaboratively across sectors in the development of local economies.

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Your Leadership Experience

Helping you develop leaders that create a climate for success

Your Leadership Experience is a globally consistent and cost effective leadership development programme to help you create more effective leaders.

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Future-proof your workforce with strategic workforce planning

Major trends like digitisation and globalisation are transforming the world of work. Organisations know they need robust, future-focused business strategies to keep up, but do they have the right people with the right skills to deliver them? Done right, strategic workforce planning (SWP) can mean the difference between success and failure.

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New research shows women are better at using soft skills

New research shows women are better at using soft skills crucial for effective leadership and superior business performance. According to new research women score higher than men on nearly all emotional intelligence competencies, except emotional self-control, where no gender differences are observed.

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Cut through the complexity of strategic workforce planning with our 5 rights framework


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The role of #NEDs has grown in importance, as have the demands on #skills, #experience, and #capacities

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