Implementing digital strategy

Digitisation is one of the most dramatic megatrends reshaping organisations today. Its impact on markets, cultures, systems and processes is universal and profound.

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Implementing your digital strategy
Digital lifestyles and work

Digital lifestyles and work

The nature of leadership will have to change dramatically if organisations are to harness the benefits and counter the negative effects of the six megatrends identified by Hay Group as likely to have the greatest effect on organisations and their leaders over the coming decade. Here we examine the organisational and leadership implications of one of these megatrends, digital lifestyle and work. More

Tackling the digital talent squeeze

Tackling the digital talent squeeze

Our digital and e-commerce reward forum put a spotlight on the reward challenges facing the communications, media and technology sector as demand for digital talent soars. Read on to learn about the strategies and practical steps the industry is taking to address digital talent challenges. More

Marcus Downing

    For organisations to make the most of their investment in digital technology, they must connect it with their people and organisational structures.     
Marcus Downing
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Managing a multi-generation workforce: the myths vs. the realities

With five generations in the workplace (more than ever before) a lot of recent research has presented a climate characterised by tension and misunderstanding.

But are there really significant differences between the expectations and needs of different generations at work? Our data, perhaps surprisingly, suggests not.

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Managing a multi-generational workforce