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Managing a multi-generation workforce: the myths vs. the realities

With five generations in the workplace (more than ever before), many researchers see an atmosphere characterised by tension and misunderstanding. So it’s not surprising that organisations are concerned about the impact of this tension on productivity and creativity. More

Future civil service series

The UK civil service offers some of the most exciting, demanding and important jobs anywhere but the employment offer is diminishing. So what does the future hold? More

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Tackling the gender pay gap


This viewpoint addresses the challenges organisations face with the upcoming changes in regulation, and recommends how they can be better prepared for the implementation of the legislation next year. More


A year for good news


Executive reward review of the year 2015 More


Joining the dots


Learn how to create an engagement program that enhances the customer experience More


Digitisation and your workforce


In this paper, we explore how digital technology alters the nature of jobs and the shape of corporations rather than simply destroying employment. Although digitisation hollows out a core of easily automated jobs and middle management posts, it also creates new business models that shift employment, creating new roles and opportunities. More


Middle managers: the meat in the sandwich?


The role of the mid-level manager isn't easy, that’s for sure. More


Shhh! Objective assessment - the secret weapon in successful organisational change


The benefits of using an objective assessment process during times of organisational change. More