Today’s utilities companies face an era of rapid and fundamental change. Aerospace, defence, transport, electricity, water and oil and gas providers must respond to a constantly changing regulatory framework and operate in a market structured along increasingly global lines.

Energy providers also face the additional burden of relentless cost pressures from dramatically escalating fuel costs. Against this backdrop customers are demanding better, cheaper services delivered with minimum environmental impact.

Hay Group works with all kinds of public and private sector utilities across the globe to help turn change into opportunity. Some of the areas in which we work include:

  • Organisational transformation – developing organisational structures and performance models fit for an ever-changing market.
  • Change management – helping focus leadership teams on the areas that will deliver the greatest success in the new environment and delivering programmes to support workforces in adapting to new business models.
  • Performance management – building the development processes required to encourage employees to achieve better results now and in the future.
  • Leadership development – enhancing leadership capabilities to help steer organisations through fundamental change.
  • Talent management – creating talent management processes to help utilities companies identify, retain, and develop world-class talent.
  • Employee attitudes – designing and conducting employee surveys to deepen organisations’ understanding of their staff’s priorities and concerns and acting on the results.
  • Reward – designing competitive total remuneration programmes that; focus on accountability and performance, comply with regulations and are acceptable to all stakeholders.